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Welcome to Preschool

We are an in-home preschool located in Meridian, Idaho.  Our goal is to prepare students academically and socially for kindergarten, giving them the skills they need to be successful in school.  We follow the Idaho Kindergarten Readiness Guidelines to ensure that our students have the foundation needed to soar. We use a variety of instructional methods such as structured play, music, movement, games, arts and crafts, and sign language.  This year we are offering a Pre-K class for students who are four-turning-five years old.  We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:45 am -11:45 am.

Why us?


  • Small class size (7 kids max)

  • Awesome curriculum

  • Engaging lessons

  • Taught by an experienced teacher

  • Use Love and Logic

  • Hands-on learning

  • Positive and safe environment

  • Learn through structured play

  • Fun field trips



To register:


Miss Jessie will send you the registration form.  Or call/text 208-871-4234 for more information.

I can
Girl with Shirt

"I can" mindset

Preschool is your child's first formal exposure to school. Our goal is to help all students develop an "I can" mindset.  This means developing confidence in new skills and gaining the courage to continue even when things are difficult.

Skills taught in preschool

Social and Personal Skills


  • Share

  • Sit

  • Clean up

  • Wait my turn

  • Listen to the teacher

  • Respond appropriately

  • Manage my personal behavior

  • Keep track of my belongings

  • Show self-control

  • Be aware of routine healthy behaviors (washing hands, blowing nose, etc.)


Early Literacy Skills           

  • Show an interest in books and reading

  • Answer questions about a story

  • Play with words and sounds (rhymes, syllables, beginning sounds)

  • Identify letters and their sounds

  • Give the beginning sound heard in a spoken word

  • Write first name (even though mistakes may be present)


Early Numeracy and Science Skills

  • Rote-count from 1-20

  • Write numbers with a model

  • Sort and group objects

  • Count up to 10 objects correctly

  • Identify shapes

  • Identify colors

  • Classify objects as the same or different

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

  • Begin to hold writing tools with fingers

  • Use scissors correctly

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